Enterprise Resource Planning


Technology Employed

ConTra Spa boasts a modern Local Area Network (LAN) based on the most up-to-date hardware and software. While the younger Satellite offices in the US and UK take the best care of their customers using MS Business Central on cloud. Having a management tool available on portable devices as well allows the team to serve all clients according to their specific needs with a constant and timely informational flow. Employees looking after operations (transportation, documentation and customer service) are available on their mobile phones after office hours in case unexpected problems should arise. Our business philosophy provides a quick and constant support to our customers; our efforts aim to keep our service “first class” by being:

>> FLEXIBLE We are flexible so as to ‘tailor’ our service time by time according as our customer’s specific need.

>> PROMPT We are prompt and satisfactory when replying to whatever question is submitted to us. Because we know time is always the main issue.

>> SAFE We give constant assistance for whatever problem should arise; this is the only way to ensure safe shipments. Our customers are above all our partners.

>> AWARE AND UP-TO-DATE We are able to provide our customers the largest number of information about shipments and at the earliest time. Nowadays, information is basic in any industry or business and is for sure the key of the competition; the more and immediate information we can collect in advance and relay to our customers, the more they can be effective in their specific business.

Tracking online

The company uses the most currrent level of technology to provide quality services. We use an ERP designed by us to manage the shipments. Our track and trace service is available even on your smartphone.