About us

#contragroup Based in Italy, United Kingdom and United States of America.

International shipping

We can ship by sea or air,  in full containers or single pallet (groupage) from/to all over the word.

Logistics solutions

For your Import/Export needs and business of any size.


Our integrated services offer allows us to meet any worldwide trade need of your and take care of our clients freight whatever the have been shipped and wherever they are.


Ocean shipping has always been the main mode of transportation for global trade. As of today, 90% of traded goods are carried over the water. In recent years companies are starting to relinquish ocean routes in the global logistics world. The main reason for this shift is the innumerable ancillary costs that are making global supply chain and procurement unmanageable. This shift comes with opportunities and challenges.

No company is more capable of taking on the challenges of ever-changing shipping patterns. With well established connections that circumnavigate the globe, ConTra Group is dedicated to finding the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions. Our superior level of organization and industry contacts allow us to provide world class service.

History of the company


Contra Adventures begin when Nicola Cannavacciuolo Sr. founds Carfora & Cannavacciuolo SNC. Nicola Sr. shows great foresight in cooperating with the Americans during WW11, laying the WWII foundations for our core business up to the present day.

Nicola Sr. becomes a shipping agent for American Export Lines, Farrel Line, and U.S. Lines while simultaneously running his own freight forwarding company.


His son, Franco Cannavacciuolo, succeeds him and incorporates the business into an Ltd company in 1988, known today as ConTra Spa, based in Italy.

2000 Ermanno Giamberini, also following a family tradition going back 6 generations in the shipping industry, becomes CEO in early 2000.

2004 Nicola Cannavacciuolo Jr., 4th generation of leaders in the shipping industry, after several years of experience, joins his father’s company in 2004, which he currently chairs.

2012 Vincenzo Botto, being a chartered accountant, and a valued consultant of Mr. Franco Cannavacciuolo (Contra’s FOUNDER), becomes CFO in 2012.



ConTra Spa, under the direction of Nicola Cannavacciuolo Jr., Ermanno Giamberini,

and Vincenzo Botto, expands internationally. Satellite offices are created in the UK and the US.

Our numbers

  • 30 employees between our offices in Salerno (IT), London (GB) and Somerset (US) covering all parts of the logistics process.
  • ConTra acts from any port in the world thanks to a very effective and competitive network of local offices & correspondents.
    Resulting in 20.000 shipments successfully delivered.
  • $30.5 mln of turnover


  • 20.000 TEUS
  • 50 tons (Air freight)
  • 300 tons LCL


+30% growth

  • 26.000 TEUS
  • 65 tons (Air freight)
  • 390 tons LCL



Contra team

Helpful, responsive and friendly customer service!


Nicola Cannavacciuolo

Nicola Cannavacciuolo


Born in 1960, fourth generation of a family of men linked to the sea and the port of Naples, on the quays of which his
great-grandfather already used used to hang around as a Thomas Cook clerk. In the 1979 he joins Carfora & Cannavacciuolo as a delivery boy discovering the shipping agencies and freight forwarders industries.
Later on he makes his bones in the customs house department then qualifying as a customs broker in 1984.
Life delivers to him different experiences in some leader companies of the shipping industry, not only in his family business.  From terminal operator to “Motorway of the Sea” (Short Sea Trade).

In 2004 he joins ConTra Spa the company founded by his father, that he currently chairs.

Ermanno Giamberini

Ermanno Giamberini


I began to work in this industry in 1984, following a family tradition dating back 6 generations.
I’ve worked for 17 years in the shipping agency of the glorious italian flag sea carrier “Italian Line” and “Lloyd Triestino”. In 1994 i qualified as shipping agent and in 2000 i started my job in ConTra as Sales manager and member, becoming CEO in 2004.

I believe in innovation, in technology and in civic commitment; towards our my own community; passion, respect and attention to detail are my constant keywords and the invaluable legacy i received from the best menthor i could expect both in life and in business: my Father. 

Vincenzo Botto

Vincenzo Botto


Born im 1962, egistred with the accountants council since march 1989, he was a forensic accountant for some of the major neapolitan freight forwarding companies and shipping agencies.
Ever much close to Cannavacciuolo family as consultant for Mr Franco Cannavacciuolo (ConTra’s founder) he’s also a qualified employment consultant, auditor, mediator, receiver, judical administrator, advisor to both civil and criminal Naples court, with his professional practice in Naples.

He joined ConTra in december 2012 becoming chief financial officer.