Core Values



The Contra group aims to expand corporate social responsibility projects by operating responsibly and sustainably through concrete actions to support territories and communities. A principle of corporate ethics that sees sustainability at the center of its objectives and which focuses on three fundamental aspects: 

  • Invest in solutions aimed at reducing consumption and waste
  • Communicate and spread awareness about the impact of one’s actions
  • Act concretely to generate a positive impact on the planet

Key objectives for a dignified future, for the environment and people.


Respect is our guiding principle.

ConTra is AEO certified, and has a top “legality rate” certified by the Italian Antitrust Authority.


The company uses the most currrent level of technology to provide quality services. We use an ERP designed by us to manage the shipments. Our track and trace service is available even on your smartphone.


Our client is our partner: their problems are ours, their sastisfaction is ours, their success is ours.


We constantly strive for quality; our team is highly skilled and well trained to provide tailor-made services at extremely competitive costs.


Our staff is able to ensure quick responses, because we know how timeliness is crucial to our clients’ success.


In our daily business we ensure that every single shipment gets safely and securely to it’s destination. We bring you solutions not problems!


Since 1988, ConTra has built a very high reputation in the shipping industry by consistantly exceeding industry standards.


No matter who our interlocutors are, our approach is always based on absoulte transparency.

Our certifications