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Oliwia Kuczkowska

Oliwia Kuczkowska

Operations & Customer service

What is your role in Contra?
I take care of the day-to-day operations & customer service at Contra UK. Ensuring all of our customers’ shipments are in good hands 

If you had to indicate the most interesting aspects of your profession and those where you encounter the most problems, what would you say?
Both the most interesting and problematic for me….Customs  it’s a love/hate relationship. I love learning all about it and one day hope to gain qualifications in that field as I love its complexity but it can be equally as challenging

It’s not Contra without…
Support. Whether you are struggling with a work-related issue, or a personal one, there is always an abundance of support you can count on

What is your motto?
“Laughter is the best medicine”

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