People come first

Faces, emotions, down-to-earth people and big commitments


The ConTra group has been operating for over 30 years in the field of logistics and international shipments and has always placed the respect and value of people at the centre of its business. “People come first” is the synthesis of the company mission which rediscovers in transport the flow of THINGS, MADE BY PEOPLE AND FOR PEOPLE,
and which in themselves contain much more than their material value.


in support of what is fair.

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Respecting oneself, others, and one’s origins.
Unique faces as unique is the story of life that belongs to each of us.

Selected by ConTra group

in support of the art of craft traditions and
local companies.



Franco Marino for ConTra group. The essence of Neapolitan tailoring is manifested in the particular degree of strength that only the hand of man can give, never equal to itself and which changes according to the mood of the day. No machine or perfect stitching can ever match the knot of a tailored tie. The tailoring ties workshop of the Marino family was born in San Giorgio a Cremano during the Second World War. A passion handed down from father to son and which today finds in Francesco and Patrick all the love for craftsmanship and for the ancient Neapolitan “savoir faire”.


Masseria dello Sbirro for ConTra group. Carlo Cozzolino e Cristina Leardi, two architects who in 2012 decide to dedicate themselves to the family farm located within the Vesuvius National Park. Quality, innovation and tradition come together to create wines with a Neapolitan flavour.

The faces of Contra group