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Dear Valued Partners, the Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Alessia Pinto as Chief Executive Officer of Con-Tra America Corp. #contragroup

Dear Valued Partners, the Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Alessia Pinto as Chief Executive Officer of Con-Tra America Corp. #contragroup

Ms. Pinto graduated in Political Science and International Studies and has achieved over eight ( years of professional leadership experience in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Management. Ms. Pinto possesses both domestic and international experience in relations and team management within the shipping and manufacturing industries, involving both start-up and established organizations.

Serving as the Customer Care Manager and Business Development Manager for CONTRA UK, LTD, Ms. Pinto led operations in a strategic direction with full responsibility for bottom line factors. This involved monitoring, defining, and organizing the logistic chains for clients in the USA, Italy, and Great Britain. Liaising with several warehouses in the USA as well as carriers and port terminals allowed her to provide efficient, high-quality solutions for customers. Moreover, Ms. Pinto assessed the department’s growth and trained staff to enhanced marketing and sales objectives simultaneously interacting with and handling customer queries and concerns promptly and effectively, always maintaining relationships with customers.
As a team player who understands the importance of relationships and collaboration, Ms. Pinto’s vision for the company includes a united team with strong values.

“Con-Tra America Corp.’s philosophy is based on teamwork, responsibility, and mutual support. We encourage local partnerships and prioritize operating in an environment that encourages creativity, diversity, growth, and performance. Con-Tra America Corp’s wish is to become one of the most relevant entities in the shipping industry. To do so, the Company requires personnel with the ability to be innovative, take timely actions, and embrace calculated risks.”

“Our main purpose is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Without them we would not exist, so we are always driven to constantly look for ways to keep up to date with the latest technologies, improving processes while increasing quality of the service, and understanding and working with the ever-changing market. The Company strives to implement a prompt operating environment. Working closely with suppliers, U.S.-based shipping lines, distributors, trackers, custom brokers, and warehouses to coordinate and schedule shipments ensuring all customer’s goods are always delivered efficiently and in a timely manner.”

The Company’ Board and CEO’s commitment is to pursue and develop a corporate identity that clearly defines the shipping industry and the services that benefit its customers.