OurCEO – Ermanno Giamberini has been appointed as the Presidente of  Confetra Campania, thus confirming our commitment  to the growth of our industry.

He will be supported by Mr. Giovanni Montella as head of staff  .

The appointment took place during the first board of the regional committee of the  Confetra, the Italian association for the transport and logistics gathering associations of international freight forwarders,  couriers, shipping agents, Customs brokers, hauliers, operating in the five districts of Campania region (Naples, Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta) . Confetra Campania is the first local committee established in central-southern Italy.

“Our goal – commented the newly appointed President Ermanno Giamberini – is reinstating the winning national model of Confetra, multisector and pluralist. In the South, and mainly in Campania, there are matters of great importance we have to deal with : the European structural funds, tax credits for Logistic companies, the ZES (Special Economic Zones) , the infrastructure works (the high speed train Naples/Bari, the completions of Salerno/Reggio Calabria motorway,  the improvement works in the ports of Naples and Salerno”.   

“On the occasion of our National Assembly, scheduled in Rome on the 17th of october – commented the Confetra chairman Nereo Marcucci – we will present our new regional organization, ever closer to the local business. We started this new deal from Campania, Puglia, Sicily because the South needs a stronger support to its development. We’re with the business and with the entrepreneurs looking forward in spite of so many obstacles to the development.”.

The establishment of Confetra Campania was promoted by the local representatives of Fedespedi/Accsea (international freight forwarders) : Domenico De Crescenzo – Ermanno Giamberini; Fedit/Accsea (couriers) : Chiara Inizio – Cristiano Chianese; Anasped/Assospena (Customs brokers) : Augusto Forges Davanzati; Federagenti/Assoagenti (shipping agents)  : Stefano Sorrentini; TrasportoUnito (hauliers): Attilio Musella.